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More Music From The Inbox, 19 Aug 2015: EV LY, Falty DL, MENAGE and More!

Artist: EV LY, “Return To The Moon”

Album: Return To The Moon


New collaboration between Matt Berninger from The National and Portland’s Brent Knopf

Sounds like: Turning it around, despite…


Artist: FaltyDL, “Rich Prick, Poor Dick”

Album: Rich Prick, Poor Dick


One of the bands I’ve been following for awhile. Still not disappointed.

Sounds like: You’ll be surprised


Artist: MÉNAGE, “Our Time Is Now”

Album: Black and White TV


Exciting times for this Toronto band!

Sounds like: This is it!


Artist: The Maccabees, “Something Like Happiness”

Album: Marks To Prove

The Maccabees

Many of you will likely know this UK band already

Sounds like: Being sure you aren’t sure


Artist: Stolen Jars, “Bright Red”

Album: Kept

Stolen Jars

This New Jersey duo is intriguing.

Sounds like: A view to the inside world


Artist: Communions, “Forget It’s A Dream”

Album: Communions


This Denmark band is just brilliant!

Sounds like: A little retro, a lot, not!


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