More Music From The Inbox 19 Dec 2018 Butch Bastard, The Sweet Kill, Gabriel Black and More!

Artist: Butch Bastard, “Cokeweedcrack”

Album: I Am Not A Man

Always worth your time!  Out of L.A.

Sounds like:  coping mechanisms


Artist: The Sweet Kill, “Give It Up ft. Lolita”

Album: N/A

This band out of Hollywood, California is bringing it

Sounds like:  dark pop daggar


Artist: Gabriel Black, “Goodbye”

Album: N/A

Great stuff out of Pennsylvania

Sounds like:  something about this just grabbed me today


Artist: Myrkur, “Bonden og Kragen”

Album: Juniper

Denmark has a serious winner here

Sounds like:  this reimagined Danish ballad hits home


Artist: Astralingua, “A Poison Tree”  

Album: Safe Passage

Denver is home to this serious talent

Sounds like:  a story across space and time


Artist: Inner Wave, “Fine”

Album: Underwater +

Five guys out of LA bringing their Latino heritage to their sound

Sounds like:  way more than ‘fine’!


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