More Music From The Inbox 2 Dec 2015: Ummagma, Jeff The Brotherhood, Ckrono & Slesh and More!

Artist: Ummagma, “Orion”

Album: Frequency


A Canada-Ukraine collaboration!

Sounds like: Star-shine flowing down


Artist: Jeff The Brotherhood, “Radiating Fiber Planes”

Album: Global Chakra Rhythms

Jeff The Brotherhood

Brilliant sounds out of Nashville

Sounds like: Electronics with a sense of time and space


Artist: Ckrono & Slesh, “Slang”

Album: Slang

Ckrono and Slesh

Intrigue out of Italy!

Sounds like: Are you getting what I’m hearing?


Artist: Jose Zaragoza, “The Booty Drop/Megaplex”

Album: Clap Your Hands

Jose Zaragoza

House sounds from this world artist.

Sounds like: Bleep, bloop, blop fun!


Artist: Jennifer Budd, “Church”

Album: Lip Service

Jennifer Budd

Worth keeping an eye on out of Hamilton, Ontario.

Sounds like: Not quite the worship you expect


Artist: Heart/Dancer, “Under”

Album: N/A


I love the sound of this Swedish duo

Sounds like: Looking for the light


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