More Music From The Inbox 2 Mar 2016 Hanshotfirst, Jumping Back Slash, The Raveonettes and More!

Artist: Hanshotfirst, “Seamless”

Album: To Those We have Loved And Lost


Rock band out of the UK

Sounds like:  When the lines are blurred so badly


Artist: Jumping Back Slash, “Stink Midi”

Album: MM001

Jumping Back Slash

Great Mshini Music (thus the MM001) from this great South African artist

Sounds like:  So old school but brand new too


Artist: The Raveonettes, “Run Mascara Run”

Album: N/A

The Raveonettes

Part of their Rave-Sound-of-the-Month (new track every month) series.

Sounds like:  End times meet beauty


Artist: Robert Pollard, “I Can Illustrate”

Album: Of Course You Are

Robert Pollard

From our favourite Guided By Voices frontman

Sounds like:  Retro, but wait, is it?


Artist: Skaters, “Head On To Nowhere”

Album: N/A


Post punk fun out of NYC.

Sounds like:  You know where your life is headed


Artist: Mantocliff, “These Words”

Album: Umbilical


Awesome 5-piece out of Switzerland

Sounds like:  Finding the right thing to say


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