More Music From The Inbox 2 May 2018 Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite, The Finks, Underoath and More!

Artist: Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite, “Electrified”

Album: N/A

Montreal is home to this intriguing band

Sounds like:  a shift up the pulse


Artist: The Finks, “Body Language”

Album: Rolly Nice

This Australian band makes me very happy

Sounds like:  you can hear how it feels and how it appears


Artist: Underoath, “Rapture”

Album: Erase Me

This Florida band has an impressive sound

Sounds like:  arms up, swaying


Artist: RVG, “A Quality of Mercy”  

Album: A Quality of Mercy

Melbourne is home to this refreshing band

Sounds like:  the beauty of kindness


Artist: South Village, “Say It Now”

Album: N/A

Melbourne seems to everywhere this week

Sounds like:  in the moment


Artist: Joey Costello, “So High We Lose Our Minds”

Album: N/A

This Chicago artist has a beautiful vocal

Sounds like:  the mess of life today


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