More Music From The Inbox 20 Jun 2018 Dark Suburb, Peppertones, Secret Broadcast and More!

Artist: Dark Suburb, “The Lunatics Question”

Album: The Start Looks Like The End

I’m loving this band out of Ghana

Sounds like:  rock with an African flavour


Artist: Peppertones, “runaway”

Album: long way

A very interesting band out of South Korea

Sounds like:  alt/indie goodness


Artist: Secret Broadcast, “Cause and the Cure”  

Album: N/A

Great Toronto band that continues to impress

Sounds like:  Truth!


Artist: Silver Twins, “Bruce Lee”

Album: N/A

This L.A. band is making some waves

Sounds like:  noisy fun


Artist: IkE GUY, “Cap. IV”

Album: Exolvo

Loving the flow from this Brazilian indie outfit

Sounds like:  downtempo brilliance


Artist: Ennor, “West Coast”

Album: N/A

This Cornwall U.K. band makes me very happy

Sounds like:  slow build to joy


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