More Music From The Inbox 22 Apr 2015 Civil Twilight, High/Low, Afrikan Boy and More!


Artist: Civil Twilight, “Holy Dove”

Album: Story of an Immigrant

Civil Twilight

One of my favourite bands, out of South Africa.

Sounds like: A call out


Artist: High/Low, “Night Drive”  

Album: Stuck In A Void


UK band with some great energy

Sounds like: Punky alt-rock fun


Artist: Afrikan Boy, “Eje Aiye”

Album: Body of Songs

Afrikan Boy

Part of a project of music based on the human body. Cool stuff!

Sounds like: The pulse


Artist: Woahnows, “Sounds Like Spitting”

Album: Understanding and Everything Else


UK band from Plymouth

Sounds like: Straight up fun noise


Artist: Nozinja, “Xihukwani”

Album: Nozinja Lodge


Great sounds from this artist from Limpopo in South Africa

Sounds like: Electronic brilliance


Artist: Kissey, “Distortion”

Album: The Awakening


Out of New York and pushing the limits

Sounds like: A perfect club jam


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