More Music from the Inbox, 22 July 2013: Eros and the Eschaton, Ghostpoet, Penndentif and More

By Scott Jones

Artist: Eros and the Eschaton

Track: “Don’t.Look.So.Sad.”

Latin shoegaze? Could it be? Here, we have a duo that explores seemingly polar opposite genres and unleashes a real eye-opener of a song. Big drums are channelled left and right, with heavily-reverbed vocals and keys that get both sides of the brain jumping up and down for joy. The title of the tune is pretty simple imperative statement after hearing it.

Sounds like: My Bloody Valentine at a Carribean fiesta.



Artist: Ghostpoet

Album: Some Say I So I Say Light

It’s a good thing that this album has been released in the summertime; Ghostpoet’s lyrical and vocal styles, coupled with a pulsating beat made of an interesting cross-breed between mid-90’s trip-hop and international rhythms, will make you wanna pull the car over, drop the top and reflect with the lights turned low.

Sounds like: Introspective singer-songwriting over top of heavy industrialism.



Artist: Pendentif

Album: Mafia Douce

Sometimes musical montages comprised of retro footage of ice skating, singing bears and earth-shattering ka-booms are just what we need to celebrate our great nation’s birthday, at least from this Canuck’s perspective. Though this laid-back jam featuring five talented musicians hails from Bordeaux, France, we’ll take these awesome, poppy melodies as a compliment.

Sounds like: The most talented singing bears you will ever hear.



Artist: Kid Wave

Track: Shelley

Jangly, surf-ish guitars run side by side with this debut single from the Brighton quartet. Turning up the vocals in the monitors really adds to the cheerful, carefree nature of the group’s sound. This new release from across the pond just seemed to be unveiled at the right time of the season.

Sounds like: Johnny Marr hangin’ with the Beach Boys.



Artist: The Last Sun

Album: Self-titled

For well over a decade, Dave Nugent has been known as the lead guitarist and driving electric force behind the Sam Roberts Band. Whereas the SRB had been often compared to light-hearted ‘60s British Invasion groups, Nugent comes into his own as a solo artist, turning up the volume and modernizing the licks that made him such an integral part of the Canadian music scene since the dawn of the millennium. The light heart is still beating here, but with an added “oomph” that makes you want to rock out harder.

Sounds like: A refreshing and heavier branch out of the Liverpool-meets-Montreal sound.


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