More Music from the Inbox, 22 September 2013: Eleanor Friedberger, Animal Parts, Boneyards, The Hics, Victory

By Scott Jones

Artist: Eleanor Friedberger

Album: Personal

The featured tune here from Eleanor is an energetic combo throwback to both jangle pop, and British invasion, with a bit of retro country flavour, as her vocals are very reminiscent of Carlene Carter. (June’s daughter) She name-drops The Soft Machine as weird music, but it’s clear she knows what she’s talking about; you can’t hear them on this tune, but a sly nod to the group in the tune only adds to the notion that music never stops playing in this young woman’s head.

Sounds like: Early British rhythms with a hint of modern, jangly country sunshine.



Artist: Animal Parts

EP: Six Arms to Hold You

Sometimes, we crave inspirational positivity through music. Some of us simply need it. And often, a band will release new tunes that deliver on that premise. Sometimes, it takes a combination of the right key, the right vocals, and the right lyrics to deliver upon that premise. Here’s Animal Parts, straight from the heart of Toronto, who have the perfect recipe to succeed in fulfilling all of this and more.

Sounds like: An excellent musical aid in picking up the pieces and moving forward.



Artist: The Boneyards

Album: EP: Rest in Beach

Perhaps my earlier cry to the music gods for resurgence in modern shoegaze was answered. Drenched in reverb? Check. Distant, resonant guitar solos? Check. Ethereal vocals? Check. A healthy dosage of respect to those who came before them? Double check.  Hopefully, the efforts of this band will greatly assist in making new fans in a very musically-complicated genre.

Sounds like: An echo you won’t want to stop ringing in your head.



Artist: The Hics

Track: “Tangle”

A multi-dimensional mix of influences here would be a gross understatement, folks. Let’s start off with the killer atmospheric vibe surrounding the release. Something that is clearly amplified by a set of stereo speakers late at night. Alternative rhythms help balance the otherworldly backdrop, and retro-soulful duet harmonies simply enhance the song, adding yet another dimension to this group’s unique brand of music. You might wanna turn the lights off for this one.

Sounds like: Slow jam music coming from multiple musical spectrums…an all-around great vibe.



Artist: Victory

Track: This, That or This

Holy infectious! Robert Fleming’s “Victory” persona just wants his listeners to get up and dance. Acoustic guitars, wildly catchy piano, and a backbeat to only compound the energy busting through both channels. Only problem is, why does it gotta be so short? There’s a solution for Mr. Fleming’s awesome hooks in this tune only lasting slightly north of two minutes. Replay. Again. And again. And again. And again.

Sounds like: Splashy guitar pop that asks, how high can you raise your hands to the sky?


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