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Published on January 31st, 2012 | by Alan Cross


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There’s a squirrel living somewhere in my back yard and it’s driving the dog nuts.  From her perch in the living room, she sees the thing scampering over the shed, along the fence and up into the maple tree. There’s much barking and whining, none of which will stop unless I let her outside to suss the situation.

Naturally, squirrels go up and dogs can’t.  That only serves to frustrate her further.  She then comes back into the house, resumes her perch and in five minutes, the whole thing plays out ago.

This means I’m not getting much work done.  It’s because of days like this I’m glad I have someone like Juliette Jagger to sort through the dozens and dozens of song recommendations that come in each week.

Anyone wanna buy a dog?

Artist: Sunparlour Players “Runner”

Album: Us Little Devils

There is something incredibly complimentary about the relationship between this song and this video. All of the visuals manage to appear as if they look exactly how the words feel.

Sounds like: Full-body folk rock



Artist: Nneka “My Home”

Album: Soul Is Heavy

There is something about this lady that speaks so loudly. This song is completely soulful, big band brassy, and totally heavy. She wears her Nigerian-German heritage like a badge of honor and she pulls feeling out from deep down in the pit of her stomach to ask the question “where do I go?”

Sounds like: A heavy soul.  (Adele:  Watch out.)



Artist: Mark Stewart Vs. Primal Scream “Autonomia”

Album: The Politics of Envy

Perfectly split down the middle, “Autonomia” is one part Mark Stewart political post-punk, and one part unscrewed Bobby Gillespie. This song is funky as shit and it is a real life nod to a symbol of modern day political unrest. This is how you do a protest song in today’s world.

Sounds like: Keeping the dream alive.


Autonomia from Future Noise Music on Vimeo.


Artist: Dot Hacker “Order/Disorder”

Album: Dot Hacker EP

Los Angeles’s Dot Hacker, headed by Josh Klinghoffer (well known session musician, long time collaborator of John Frusciante, and newest Red Hot Chili Pepper), is this rough around the edges experimental rock band that just gets under your skin and makes you want to rub it out like a nagging little itch.

Sounds like: Nine Inch Nails on some California sunshine

Link/Listen/Watch:  Go here.


Artist: Willis Earl Beal “Evening’s Kiss”

Album: Single

This song’s really soft and barebones but Beal’s has some great one-liners. Plus I’m a BIG fan of onomatopoeia.  And if you call him at (773) 295-2135, he’ll sing you a song.  Really.

Sounds like: A song for a grey, slow moving day.


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