More Music From The Inbox 23 Dec 2015 Cold Sugar, Mickey Lightfoot, !!! and More!

Artist: Cold Sugar, “One More Thing”

Album: N/A

Cold Sugar

Out of Wales and a unique sound.

Sounds like:  80’s retro but well forward


Artist: Mickey Lightfoot, “Ashanti Bitxh”

Album: EP

Mickey Lightfoot

Brilliant London artist taking on gender stereotypes.

Sounds like:  Thought and reason with attitude


Artist: !!! (Chk Chk Chk), “Freedom!”

Album: As If


Worth exclaiming about!

Sounds like:  Heart and soul flowing


Artist: Primitive World, “Azimuth”

Album: Purple Caps

Primitive World

Exploding out of the London scene!

Sounds like:  Deep rhythms rising from a dark world


Artist: Andrew Keoghan, “Stuck In Melodies”

Album: Every Orchid Offering

Andrew Keoghan

He is an impressive artist out of New Zealand.

Sounds like:  Notes telling stories


Artist: Liskka, “Keep Me Awake”

Album: N/A


Depth and purity out of London

Sounds like:  Haunted forests


Larry Lootsteen

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