More Music From The Inbox 23 Oct 2013: Spare Me The Knife, DJ Spruke, The Savage Nomads and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Spare Me The Knife, “Head”  

Album: N/A 


Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, you have to love sound their bringing.  Oh, and their bass player’s name is Al Cross (any relation Alan?)!

Sounds like:  My head, this morning


Artist: DJ Spruke, “Natural Order (Battle of the Hipsters)”  

Album: N/A 


This Buffalo, NY-based DJ has some crazy stuff and worth the time!

Sounds like:  A video game


Artist: The Savage Nomads, “Jaded Edge”

Album: Coloured Clutter


A Brit band getting some serious love and hype…

Sounds like:  A touch of Interpol meets pop



Artist: Paper Beat Scissors, “Forgotten”

Album: Paper Beat Scissors


Great music out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Really digging this track.

Sounds like:  A whale of a wail.


Artist: Sleepy Sun, “11:32”

Album: N/A


Love the sound of this San Francisco based outfit.  This song is being released as a 7” single Oct 15 and will be on their new album out in January.

Sounds like:  Jane’s Addiction


Artist: Color Theory, “Headphones

Album: N/A


Brian Hazard is Color Theory and is based in California.  Self-described mix of 80’s synth and EDM, he’s got some great sounds.  I liked this most recent demo.

Sounds like:  One of those ‘hey, that’s cool’ tracks…


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