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More Music From The Inbox 23 Sep 2015 Chloe Martini, Dune Rats, Flatliner and More!

Artist: Chloe Martini, “Our Time”

Album: Private Joy

Chloe Martini

Intriguing stuff coming out of Poland.

Sounds like: R&B you can feel


Artist: Dune Rats, “Dalai Lama, Big Banana, Marijuana”

Album: Dune Rats

Dune Rats

Brilliance coming out of Australia!

Sounds like: All the punky fun you could want


Artist: Flatliner, “Blasted Highway”

Album: Black Medecine


Straight out of Austin, Texas.

Sounds like: Brilliant electro fun!


Artist: Eternal Summers, “Come Alive”

Album: Gold and Stone

Eternal Summers

Great stuff out of Roanoke, Virginia.

Sounds like: Waking up wanting it


Artist: Worriers, “Yes All Cops”

Album: Imaginary Life


A different breed of artist out of New York.

Sounds like: It’s post-punk punk punk!


Artist: Romans, “Uh Huh’”

Album: Overthinking – Part 1


Talented, multi-instrumentalist is leading the way.

Sounds like: Yeah, whatever


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