More Music From The Inbox, 24 Feb 2016: Little Green Cars, Habitats, The Vryll Society and More!

Artist: Little Green Cars, “Easier Day”

Album: Ephemera

Little Green Cars

Out of Dublin and blowing my mind.

Sounds like:  Wishful thinking


Artist: Habitats, “Jungles”

Album: Jungles


New stuff from this London band I’ve followed for a while

Sounds like:  Bring the noise!!


Artist: The Vryll Society, “Self Realization”

Album: N/A

The Vryll Society

Incredible stuff from this Liverpool band I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Sounds like:  A sonic exploration


Artist: Afrikan Boy, “Everything Jellarf (Lock Arf Remix)”

Album: N/A

Afrikan Boy

Brilliance coming out of the UK.

Sounds like:  Bringing it, telling it, selling it


Artist: Takenobu, “Reversing”

Album: Reversing


Atlanta via Vermont for this stellar cellist.

Sounds like:  Storytelling with feeling


Artist: Chris Velan, “Glow”

Album: Glow

Chris Velan

Really loving this track from this brilliant Montreal artist

Sounds like:  Finding the light


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