More Music From The Inbox, 25 September 2013: Second Hand Band, Transition Baby, El Born and More

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band, “Plan B”  

Album: N/A 


This Burlington, Ontario based band has an old school, eclectic sound that comes across as different

Sounds like:  A bit of the 60’s, Pearl Jam and old punk



Artist: Transition, Baby , “Break Me”  

Album: Transition, Baby 


Another Manchester band really bringing it.

Sounds like:  An alt-punk combo



Artist: El Born, “Kangaroo”

Album: N/A


This London two-piece has a great sound and vibe.

Sounds like:  Pure passion



Artist: Sun Giant, “Yuletide”

Album: N/A


Another UK band but this one really has a different mood and more eclectic take on the music

Sounds like:  A bit mental!



Artist: Gold Falls, “Emerge”

Album: Glowing


Truly beautiful sounds coming out of Oxford.

Sounds like:  A slowly drifting sunrise



Artist: Liam Howard, “Back & Forth

Album: Somehow


Another Manchester original…

Sounds like:  A bit of Joy Division


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