More Music From The Inbox 26 Sept 2018 White Lies, Single Mothers, Mary See The Future and More!

Artist: White Lies, “Time To Give”  

Album: Five

I love this band out of London and so happy to see new music!

Sounds like:  what we all should be doing


Artist: Single Mothers, “Stoic/Pointless”

Album: Through a Wall

Very real awesomeness out of Toronto

Sounds like:  punky, rocky, loud, joy


Artist: Mary See The Future, “You Will Know”

Album: Where’s Emily?

I stumbled across this Chinese rock band recently

Sounds like:  a bit of an alt-pop vibe to this


Artist: Ghostland Observatory, “Paradise Lost”

Album: See You Later Simulator

Electronic brilliance out of Austin, Texas

Sounds like:  a swirling mist of sound and emotion


Artist: Health, “Mass Grave ft. Soccer Mommy”  

Album: N/A

Loving the new stuff from this L.A. outfit

Sounds like:  reminders of Massive Attack


Artist: Flow Communication, “Bottoms Up”

Album: N/A

Emotional goodness out of Sydney

Sounds like:  a bit of Tracy Chapman and more


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