More Music From The Inbox 27 Jun 2018 Apollo Junction, Folly & The Hunter, Alligator and More!

Artist: Apollo Junction, “Begin”

Album: N/A

My favourite band out of Yorkshire is back, bringing it

Sounds like:  that excitement that comes from starting something new


Artist: Folly & the Hunter, “Remain”

Album: N/A

Looking forward to this Montreal band’s new album later this year

Sounds like:  standing firm and tall


Artist: Alligator, “Trickle Down”  

Album: N/A

This Glasgow band is making waves

Sounds like:  Brilliant dreams


Artist: Swaying Wires, “I Think of Demons”  

Album: I Left a House Burning

Another great track from this Finnish band

Sounds like:  Don’t we all, really?


Artist: Goodfight, “All of My Life”

Album: Ghoster

Brooklyn based and bringing the joy (photo via Calvin Davis)

Sounds like:  there’s just something intriguing in there


Artist: Bend Sinister, “Luck Will Set You Free”

Album: Foolish Games

Joyous sounds from this Vancouver band

Sounds like:  a swirling mix of sounds and happiness


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