More Music From The Inbox 27 Nov 2013: King Kredible, Thought Police, Rainbird and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: King Kredible, “Foreplay”  

Album: Last Night 


Toronto-based and bring some cool and interesting beats and vocals…

Sounds like:  A bit alt-dubstep – is that a thing?


Artist: The Thought Police, “The American Way” 

Album: N/A 


Another pretty new UK band with some early radio play going on.  Great stuff.

Sounds like:  A bit o the punk


Artist: Rainbird, “Maisie”

Album: N/A


This Liverpool band has some eclectic sounds and some catchy hooks…

Sounds like:  Poppy with just a hint of Smiths


Artist: Led By The Lost, “Cider Mine”

Album: N/A


Digging some of the Manchester blues-rock sounds…

Sounds like:  Driving alt-rock


Artist: The Quangos, “You Don’t know My Name”

Album: N/A


Manchester band with some new tunes done old school

Sounds like:  4 lads from a different town


Artist: Book Thieves, “What You Give Is What You Get”

Album: N/A


Eclectic rock from this excellent Liverpool band.

Sounds like:  Giving it so we get it


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