More Music From The Inbox 28 Mar 2018 Calling All Astronauts, DJ Spoko,Flower Face and More!

Artist: Calling All Astronauts, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”

Album: Influences Part I

A long time favourite band out of London

Sounds like:  something Gary Numan would be proud of


Artist: DJ Spoko, “Chitahuri Dance”

Album: War God

I was so saddened to hear of his passing at 35 years of age

Sounds like:  Whirling off into the ethos


Artist: Flower Face, “April To Death” 

Album: Baby Teeth

Young and supremely talented Canadian musician

Sounds like:  trying to find the road forward


Artist: Drug Cult, “Serpent Therapy”

Album: Drug Cult

I love the darkness of this Australian band

Sounds like:  mysticism and mayhem


Artist: King Tuff, “Thru The Cracks”

Album: N/A

Some deeper meaning from this Louisiana artist

Sounds like:  losing and dealing


Artist: Sintra, “Never Give Up ft. Ayah Marar”

Album: Survival

This UK artist is bringing something different to the table

Sounds like:  obsessing about obsession


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