More Music From The Inbox 29 Aug 2018 Gulfer, Republican Hair, The Dunlop Brothers and More!

Artist: Gulfer, “Secret Stuff”  

Album: Dog Bless

New twists from this great Montreal band

Sounds like:  multiple music styles in a blender


Artist: Republican Hair, “Fuck a Bomb”

Album: N/A

Nashville is home to this fun and interesting talent

Sounds like:  80’s imperative brought up to today


Artist: The Dunlop Brothers, “Old Dive Bar”

Album: The Dunlop Brothers Vol. 1

Beautiful music out of Hamilton

Sounds like:  straight talking storytelling


Artist: Mercy Union, “Chips and Vics”

Album: The Quarry

Members of The Gaslight Anthem and The Scandals bringing it

Sounds like:  rockin’ it!


Artist: People Museum, “Eye 2 Eye”  

Album: I Dreamt You In Technicolor

Really interesting stuff out of New Orleans

Sounds like:  alt-pop gold with a touch of the south


Artist: KEN Mode, “Not Soulmates”

Album: Loved

Out of Winnipeg and not slowing down

Sounds like:  Driven, driving power


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