More Music From The Inbox 3 Jun 2015 Beat Easton, Tiny Fingers, Ruffest and More!

Artist: Beat Easton, “Big Smoke”

Album: In Situ

Beat Easton

Great new stuff from the band out of Southampton in the UK

Sounds like: Ambient breath…


Artist: Tiny Fingers, “The Fall”  

Album: The Fall

Tiny Fingers

Great new stuff from this band out of Israel I’ve been following for a while.

Sounds like: Tension, accelerating


Artist: Ruffest, “CPT Heavyweights”

Album: Future Sound of Mzansi


One of the great voices and sounds out of South Africa

Sounds like: Kwaito, and something you want to know


Artist: Culoe De Song, “Nguwe (ft Thandiswa Mazwai)”

Album: N/A

Culoe De Song

More great stuff, this time out of Johannesburg.

Sounds like: Walking to run


Artist: Fizzy Blood, “January Sun”

Album: Feast

Fizzy Blood

Great fun band out of Leeds, UK

Sounds like: A bloody mess!


Artist: Silverstein, “Face of the Earth”

Album: I Am Alive In Everything I Touch


This Burlington, Ontario band is great live too

Sounds like: Stepping up to it


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