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More Music From The Inbox 4 Jul 2018 Shame, Neon Waltz, Catholic Action and More!

Artist: Shame, “Dust On Trial”

Album: Songs of Praise

One of the best things I’ve heard in ages – out of London

Sounds like:  post punk f*&^ing awesomeness


Artist: Neon Waltz, “Watch It Fade”

Album: Bring Me To Light

Awesome sounds out of Scotland

Sounds like:  personal atmosphere


Artist: Catholic Action, “Little Girl”  

Album: New Year

I seem to have unearthed a treasure trove in Scotland lately

Sounds like:  Retro forward bliss


Artist: Inheaven, “World on Fire”  

Album: Inheaven

Alt-rock bliss out of London

Sounds like:  because it is


Artist: HMLTD, “To The Door”

Album: N/A

Happiness out of London

Sounds like:  as intriguing to watch as listen


Artist: Mothers, “Blame Kit”

Album: Render Another Ugly Method

Bloody interesting stuff out of Philadelphia

Sounds like:  something we all carry


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