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More Music From The Inbox 4 Nov 2015 Junior Boys, Escort, Powernerd and More!

Artist: Junior Boys, “Big Black Coat”

Album: Big Black Coat

Junior Boys

These Hamilton, Ontario boys are bringing it!

Sounds like: You’re out in the cold, searching


Artist: Escort, “Animal Nature”

Album: Animal Nature


Intrigue in sound out of Brooklyn.

Sounds like: You can really feel it


Artist: Powernerd, “BMX”

Album: N/A


There is no description better than their own: “an android with Yngwie Malmsteen-programming, a synth-technopriest, and a drumrobot.”

Sounds like: Rolling on like you should


Artist: The Unspeakable Practices, “A Steadying Effect”

Album: The Unspeakable Practices

The Unspeakable Practices

A Kid Millions and Rick Moody collab.

Sounds like: A swirl of madness looking for a calm


Artist: Lower Dens, “Company” & “Société Anonyme”

Album: Escape From Evil

Lower Dens

I could not ignore this live recording from their recent album. Out of Baltimore.

Sounds like: What I love to listen to…


Artist: Emporium, “Gloomy Shadows’”

Album: N/A


Former Edinburgh band now residing in London

Sounds like: That mix of happy and sad sounds I love


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