More Music From The Inbox 5 Sept 2018 Interpol, Natalie Evans, Idle and More!

Artist: Interpol, “It Probably Matters”  

Album: Marauder

Long favourite band out of NYC

Sounds like:  it really does matter


Artist: Natalie Evans, “Empty Rooms & Aeroplanes”

Album: Empty Rooms & Aeroplanes

A unique voice out of London

Sounds like:  living in a different time


Artist: Idles, “Great”

Album: Joy As An Act of Resistance

Bristol in the U.K. is home to these lovelies!

Sounds like:  beautiful noise


Artist: Inspired & the Sleep, “Right Place, Right Time”

Album: N/A

Meaning and feeling out of San Diego

Sounds like:  letting go


Artist: Midori Takada & Lafawndah, “Le Renard Bleu”  

Album: N/A

An intriguing pairing and the first music from Takada in 20 years

Sounds like:  the blue fox crosses cultures and transcends


Artist: Darren Jessee, “Anything You Need”

Album: The Jane, Room 217

This ex-Ben Folds Five alum has a special sound

Sounds like:  Honesty


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