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More Music From The Inbox, 06 Jan 2016: Dead Obies, AlphaCub, They Might Be Giants and More!

Artist: Dead Obies, “Awellie”

Album: Gesamtkunstwerk

Dead Obies

Bringing the energy out of Montreal

Sounds like:  Are you listening???


Artist: AlphaCub, “Friends”

Album: AlphaCub


Great stuff out of Toronto

Sounds like:  Is that what we are?


Artist: They Might Be Giants, “Out of a Tree”

Album: Why?

They Might Be Giants

The amazing Brooklyn band is back with this new single and album!

Sounds like:  Is that what your problem is?


Artist: Cub Sport, “Only Friend”

Album: This Is Our Vice

Cub Sport

Out of Brisbane Australia

Sounds like:  I should be sad but I’m not


Artist: The Salt Riot, “Angel”

Album: Dead Star

The Salt Riot

Very impressed with this Seattle export.

Sounds like:  Feeling the feathers fall


Artist: Dildo of God, “This Is Hate”

Album: Nomtombot

Dildo of God

A strange and enticing mix of hip hop and rock

Sounds like:  something as bizarre as you’d expect.  And love


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