More Music From The Inbox 7 Mar 2018 Editors, Simple Minds, Second Still and More!

Artist: Editors, “Hallelujah (So Low)” 

Album: Violence

A band I never stop being impressed by

Sounds like:  That darkness that keeps creeping in


Artist: Simple Minds, “The Signal and the Noise”

Album: Walk Between Worlds

Yes, this Scottish classic is still around and sounding brand new

Sounds like:  the world today


Artist: Second Still, “Opening”

Album: Equals

Insanely good band out of L.A.

Sounds like:  post-punk prowess


Artist: Espacio Dios, “Lovesick”

Album: Percussive Planet

Another South African band I’ve taken to recently

Sounds like:  Fits the album name perfectly


Artist: Twin Wild, “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”

Album: The Alternative Sessions

Alt rockers out of the UK

Sounds like:  simple yet complex


Artist: Xentrifuge, “Circles of Dust”

Album: Desensitized Parallels

This New York/New Jersey duo are making waves

Sounds like:  Industrial bliss


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