October 4, 2023
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More Music From The Inbox, 07 Oct 2015: The Controversy, Nyssa, Nuux and More!

Artist: The Controversy, “Two Voices (The Luxxury remix)”

Album: N/A

The Controversy

Gotta love this band out of LA.

Sounds like: The kind of vibe you want 3 drinks in


Artist: Nyssa, “Deep Cuts”

Album: N/A


What’s not to love from this Toronto band?

Sounds like: Ethereal and pointed


Artist: Nuux, “Monsters Cry”

Album: N/A


It’s not every day you run across a band from Turkey but here you go!

Sounds like: Feeling it, as deeply as you can.


Artist: Pyramids On Mars, “Dream Division”

Album: Echo Cosmic

Pyramids On Mars

Raw talent instrumentalist out of Hamilton, Ontario

Sounds like: Take flight and follow it all the way


Artist: Air Waves, “Fantasy”

Album: Parting Glances

Air Waves

Sounds of sensation flowing out of Brooklyn.

Sounds like: Saying it like it is, like it or not


Artist: For Esme, “Make A Sound’”

Album: Sugar

For Esme

Some grand electronics coming out of Toronto

Sounds like: Trying to end that dangerous silence


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