More Music From The Inbox 9 Dec 2016 The Enemy, Frameworks, Mandy Kane and More!

Artist: The Enemy, “It’s Automatic”

Album: It’s Automatic

The Enemy

Brilliant stuff out of the UK.

Sounds like:  Just the way it happens


Artist: Frameworks, “Branches”

Album: Branches


Great, slow sounds out of Manchester

Sounds like:  Beat walk the jam


Artist: Mandy Kane, “The Criminal Lovers”

Album: Tragic Daydreams Reimagined

Mandy Kane

What an incredible talent, out of Australia

Sounds like:  Getting away with it


Artist: Dreamers, “Shooting Shadows”

Album: N/A


Returning from a stint in space to inspire

Sounds like:  What was that?  Where? Oh, there!


Artist: Archie and the Bunkers, “I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Gonna Do”

Album: Archie and the Bunkers

Archie and the Bunkers

A couple of Cleveland teens rocking organ and drums.

Sounds like:  Yesterday, today and tomorrow


Artist: Peru, “I Need You”

Album: Ordinary People


Oddly, out of New York!

Sounds like:  Simple and direct


Larry Lootsteen

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