More Music From The Inbox 9 Oct 2013 Skywide, Cylearian, A*Star and More

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Skywide, “You Leave With The Tides”  

Album: N/A 


Welcome to another brilliant shoegaze band!  This time from Austin, Texas!

Sounds like:  The water theme just flows


Artist: Cylearian, “Virginity”  

Album: One 


North Carolina driving sounds!

Sounds like:  A touch of Ozzy mixed with Nirvana




Artist: A*star, “Dodging Teardrops”

Album: N/A


Fresh sounds from Montreal

Sounds like:  Pop, soul and piano



Artist: Crystal Fighters, “L.A. Calling”

Album: Cave Rave


This is from their second album and really taking off.

Sounds like:  A lovely jumble of sounds and vocals


Artist: Wullae Wright, “UFO”

Album: The Orange Line


This is some pretty impressive music with a couple of epic moments.  Creative, interesting.

Sounds like:  A bit of early Radiohead



Artist: Snowball 37, “Tear Me Apart From You

Album: Declasse


New Jersey based alt rock band with a variety of mixed styles.

Sounds like:  Ramones-infused fun!


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