More Music From the Inbox (CMW 2013 Edition): Reptile Youth, Wildlife, Lowell, Frantic Sunday and Pick A Piper.

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Reptile Youth “Speeddance”

Straight up, Reptile Youth is a go hard or go home band. They’re brash and heavy, electric and sweaty, and completely designed for crowd participation. You’re gunna love these guys.

Sounds like: Catch Reptile Youth at both Annex Live and the Gladstone Hotel during CMW 2013.


Reptile Youth: Speeddance (official music video) from Rasmus Weng Karlsen on Vimeo.


Artist: Wildlife “Bad Dream”

Album:On The Heart

There is just something so vital about this band. Every single one of their songs has a sense of grandness about it, they’re heavy with the weight of emotion, and yet they seem to propel forwards at full speed.

Sounds like:  Catch Wildlife during CMW 2013 at The Great Hall.


Artist: Lowell “Shake Him Off”
If You Can Solve This Jumble

This is such a killer song – soaring, icey, pop vocals, hiccup overtop of pounding tribal rhythms. 

Sounds like: Catch Lowell during CMW 2013 at Lees Palace, Church of the Holy Trinity, and Danforth Music Hall.  


Artist: Frantic Sunday “Ikaros”

Clean, crisp, hook-laden, and soaking in emotion, Sweden’s Frantic Sunday have a festival anthem in “Ikaros.”

Sounds like: Catch Sweden’s Frantic Sunday during CMW 2013 at both The Hideout and the El Mocambo.


Artist: Pick A Piper “All Her Colours”

You might have heard this song catching some airplay lately and rightfully so. “All Her Colours” feels like it’s happening just beneath the radar – it’s discrete in it’s delivery, but totally get’s inside your head and carves out a space in your memory.

Sounds like: Catch Pick A Piper during CMW 2013 at Rancho Relaxo.


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