More Music From The Inbox Refentse Morake, Bakers In Space, boxchild and More!

Artist: Refentse Morake, “Melans Mnel”  

Album: N/A

I love this Vereeniging, South African artist singing in Afrikaans

Sounds like:  the universal language


Artist: Bakers In Space, “Autumn”

Album: Implosions

Something different out of Singapore

Sounds like:  an alt-heart beating


Artist: boxchild, “World Divided”

Album: N/A

Another Singapore band with some serious talent

Sounds like:  awesome heavy alternative


Artist: sub:shaman, “Quiver”

Album: Apnea

Tons of interesting stuff going on in Singapore.  This is no exception.

Sounds like:  experimental mind meld


Artist: Vera Sola, “Small Minds”  

Album: Shades

A unique voice out of NYC with a Canadian connection

Sounds like:  a different shade of Florence Welch


Artist: Blue October, “How To Dance In Time”

Album: I Hope You’re Happy

Golden moments out of Austin, Texas

Sounds like:  a bit of alt-pop magic


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