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If you’ve missed ‘Empire’ on Fox this year, you’re missing something. The show focuses on the mogul running a hip-hop and entertainment company and his family. Starring Terence Howard, the show has made a big splash this year.

Some viewers are there for the stories. But not everyone…

Some stuff happened on last night’s two-hour “Empire” season finale. Who cares? As always, the reason I’m watching is the spectacle. Last night I found myself continually losing the thread of the plot to focus on a particular fur coat of Cookie’s, or the specific paisley print on Lucious’ pocket square. If it wasn’t fashion, it was the opulence of the sets (Hakim’s bathroom, done fully in Carrera marble, complete with drop-in Jacuzzi) or the ornate objets d’art that are the characters’ props (the intricately carved lion-themed presents Lucious buys for his three sons). Did you see Cookie’s necklace in the final episode—a necklace so ostentatiously big the pendant looked less like jewelry and more like a mirrored necktie? Or the massive Kehinde Wiley portrait in the Empire Records offices? Pop culture has always been enamored with things; “Empire,” a work of pop culture about the inner workings of another medium of pop culture, is outright obsessed with them.

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