Music App for Those Times When You REALLY Need to Concentrate

I envy people who can listen to music while working.  Because so much of what I do involves researching and writing, I have to concentrate very hard on what I’m doing.  When music is playing, I lose focus and drift off into the tunes.  Not good, especially when you’re on a deadline.

Maybe, though, I’m just listening to the wrong music.

[email protected] promises to change that.  Developed by Will Henshall, a musician and songwriter, this music app attempts to provide music for those occasions when you really need to, well, focus.  (Fun fact:  Henshall used to be a member of Londonbeat, the band that gave us this song.)

The goal is to engage the brain just enough.  The app goes after the part of the brain known as the limbic system, the area where our fight-or-flight reactions reside.  [email protected]’s music is created to calm the limbic system, theoretically allowing you to concentrate for longer periods of time. 

How?  From ABC News:

The secret sauce in the app, Henshall says, is in the way the music is put together; using something called phased sequencing, the developers reedited, remixed, and remastered the music, all of it all instrumental, paying attention to things like speed, recording style and intensity in order to enhance people’s ability to maintain their concentration.

I’m gonna try this today.

Alan Cross

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