Music for Cats. Yes, It’s a Thing.

If you have ever thought your beloved feline friend needed their own music, your wait is over. A composer and cellist named David Teie has released an album specifically for cats to enjoy. According to The Telegraph, his music “simulates purring, heartbeats and “sympathetic cat noises”, to put felines at ease”.

Launched at a cat café in Shoreditch, London called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. Apparently, most of the cats quite enjoyed it. Although, of course there had to be one young cat who wanted to steal the journalists’ sandwiches rather than listen to the music.

The cats falling asleep was the intended result of the music. However, Teie says he has yet to create music that can liven up cats — “dance music for cats, that is” — since the noises are too high-pitched for anything that could come out of current speakers.

That’s not stopping the composer, though. The Telegraph notes that “Teie is working on developing speakers which go above the wavelengths humans can hear, and to mimic the singing of mice, in order to make sounds which cats enjoy and also make them more lively”. His “Music For Cats” actually has a solid foundation in science, too. It started off as testing a hypothesis of his about how music affects other species and took off from there. He researched cats’ hearing range and what sort of sounds they enjoy and then sent off his finished music to scientists to test. Researchers found that cats do show a significant preference for species-appropriate music.

In other words, cats do enjoy music just as much as you or me. They just prefer their own special music, which is now an option.

Teie’s album proved immensely popular among cat lovers, with his original Kickstarter campaign raising over $200,000 and selling over 10,000 copies.

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