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Trade Show, Bands, and More for Less Coin – Music Expo Announces 2017 Date

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re into music and probably like to talk about it, too. But where can you actually do that with a large group of like-minded fans? Enter the Music Expo, a local show that brings together merchant booths, keynote speakers, live bands, networking, and much more under one roof.

This year’s edition is taking place on September 23 at The Rockpile in west-end Toronto. It’s a ways off but that gives you plenty of time to grab tickets while they’re at early-bird pricing – only $10 a pop! The keynote speaker this year is Alan Cross (we would’ve shared this event anyways, we swear!). Exhibitors include organizer, Janette Guitar Repair, Atomic Arms Studio, and many more. The band lineup hasn’t been announced yet, so keep a lookout!

The Music Expo is all-ages and there is plenty of free parking around the venue. Event organizers are still looking for a few exhibitors, speakers, and performers. If your band or one you know is interested in playing, check out this link. If you have a speaker suggestion, try this one instead. Otherwise, be sure to keep an eye on social media like Facebook and Twitter for more info as it arrives!

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