More Music From The Inbox 1 Jan 2014: Traitors, For Pete’s Sake, Amplifires and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Traitors, “Boys of the Double Cross”

Album: Boys of the Double Cross


Punk sounds emanating from the Hertfordshire countryside…

Sounds like:  A double fist pump of angry joy!


Artist: For Pete’s Sake, “Crazy”

Album: N/A

For Pete's Sake

Off to Sydney, Australia for some good old alt fun.  Made me smile anyway.

Sounds like:  A garage band having a great time


Artist: The Amplifires, “Don’t Turn Around”

Album: N/A


From Derbyshire and giving some life to sound.

Sounds like:  Some retrograde modern alternative


Artist: NeonHeartz, “Fear of Letting Go”

Album: N/A


Very interesting stuff from a Canadian outfit

Sounds like:  Just a hint of Kate Bush in the mix

Link/Listen/Watch:  Stream it here.


Artist: Privateers, “You Remember”

Album: No Magic


Nottingham band self-described as ‘anything but cool’.  I like that!

Sounds like:  Jerky, jarring fun with a nice departure midway

Link/Listen/Watch:  Stream it here


Artist: Seattle Yacht Club, “Feeling The Sunshine”

Album: Same Old Questions

Seattle Yacht Club

Despite the name, SYC hails from Southport in Great Britain.  Love the electro-pop here.

Sounds like:  Some Daft Punk influence on a great day to be outside


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