More Music From The Inbox 1 Jun 2016: Sunface, The Cult of Dom Keller, Liz Stringer and More!

Artist: Sunface, “Melt”

Album: Sunface


Great atmosphere from this Trash side project.

Sounds like:  Some beautiful shoegaziness


Artist: The Cult of Dom Keller, “Broken Arm of God”

Album: Goodbye To The Light

The Cult of Dom Keller

A band I’ve been following for quite a while out of Nottingham, England

Sounds like:  A throwback but brand new


Artist: Liz Stringer, “Anyone”

Album: All The Bridges

Liz Stringer

Something special about this Melbourne, Australia artist

Sounds like:  A voice with a will


Artist: Dogbreth, “Cups and Wrappers”

Album: Second Home


Phoenix/Seattle is home to this intriguing band

Sounds like:  A bit of Weezer with a twist


Artist: Unlocking The Truth, “Monster”

Album: Chaos

Unlocking The Truth

Out of Brooklyn and bring it hard.

Sounds like:  Can you handle it?


Artist: Stewart Harding, “Wanting For Nothing”

Album: N/A

Stewart Harding

Impressive work from the London artist.

Sounds like:  A little joy in your day


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