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More Music From The Inbox 1 Nov 2017 Elbow, The Vegas Nerves, Puppet Rebellion and More!

Artist: Elbow, “Kindling (Fickle Flame) ft. John Grant”

Album: N/A

Forever one of my favourite bands out of Manchester

Sounds like:  hanging on for dear life


Artist: The Vegas Nerves, “Tired of London”

Album: N/A

Some incredible stuff from this Sydney, Australia quartet

Sounds like:  the hard life


Artist: Puppet Rebellion, “Slave”

Album: Chemical Friends

A Manchester band that I’ve followed for some time

Sounds like:  Those feelings we all know


Artist: Macseal, “Twilight Funzone”

Album: Yeah, No, I Know

Great stuff out of Long Island, NY

Sounds like: Drifting through clamour


Artist: Table Talk, “Water Table”

Album: Where I Am Without You

Another band out of Long Island I’m digging

Sounds like:  Those jumbled feelings


Artist: Blinker The Star, “Orion”

Album: 8 of Hearts

Fantastic new stuff out of Pembroke, Ontario

Sounds like:  staring at the stars, wondering


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