More Music From The Inbox, 10 Aug 2016: Gothic Tropic, TUNS, Branches and More!

Artist: Gothic Tropic, “How Life Works”

Album: Fast or Feast

Gothic Tropic

Out of LA with a new album on the way

Sounds like: Sweet swirls of life


Artist: TUNS, “Throw It All Away”

Album: N/A


East coast supergroup formed by Chris Murphy, Matt Murphy and Mike O’Neill

Sounds like:  Keeping life simple


Artist: Branches, “Look Out Below”

Album: White Flag


Great sound out of San Francisco.

Sounds like:  Taking a chance, carefully


Artist: Risa Rubin, “Cry Longer”

Album: Jewish Unicorn

Risa Rubin

LA artist with a real folk sensibility

Sounds like:  Letting it all out


Artist: Jon Storm, “Undeniable”

Album: Brand New Day

Jon Storm

Minnesota is home for this up-and-comer

Sounds like:  It is exactly what you thought it was


Artist: Yardij, “Something Along The Lines”

Album: Something Along The Lines


Great new stuff from the Florida collective

Sounds like:  You know you’re in the right neighbourhood


Larry Lootsteen

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