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More Music From The Inbox 10 Jan 2018 Zen In Chaos, James Kennedy, Power of Zorg and More!

Artist: Zen In Chaos, “Never Reach You”

Album: N/A

Not often you get a Ph.D. blowing great alt rock out of Toronto!

Sounds like:  Bit of a SOAD vibe there


Artist: James Kennedy, “Unconditional”

Album: Home

Out of Wales and a truly nice, and inspirational, guy

Sounds like:  truth in the story


Artist: Power of Zorg, “Jesus Was An Eva Pilot”

Album: N/A

No clue where this one came from but I like it!

Sounds like:  a little bit of everything!


Artist: The Cavemen, “Death Row”

Album: The Cavemen

London via New Zealand awesomeness

Sounds like:  righteous punk


Artist: FKB, “Bright Lights”

Album: N/A

I love the sound of this Edmonton band

Sounds like:  wide-eyed wonder


Artist: Gone By Sundown, “Will You Remember”

Album: N/A

Out of Sweden and bringing it hard

Sounds like:  symphony meets hard rock


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