More Music From The Inbox 10 May 2017 Beach Riot, On Planets, Debbie Downer and More!

Artist: Beach Riot, “Mr. Fixer”

Album: N/A

Beauty out of London

Sounds like:  that great driving guitar we love


Artist: On Planets, “Too Bad/So Sad”

Album: Personal Space

Intrigue out of Vancouver

Sounds like:  Bit of an Arctic Monkeys vibe mixed in there


Artist: Debbie Downer, “I Did It All For You”

Album: You Know You’re Wrong

Beautiful soundscapes out of Brooklyn

Sounds like:  Ethereal sonics and blissful vocals


Artist: Holy Oak, “Second Son”

Album: Second Son

Looking forward to the new album from the Montreal artist

Sounds like: Dark and moody


Artist: Lola Black, “Dead To Me”

Album: N/A

Denver is home to these hard rockers

Sounds like:  a great sound vs sing mesh


Artist: Findlay, “Electric Bones”

Album: Forgotten Pleasures

Definite talent out of London

Sounds like:  Swirling genre meld


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