More Music From The Inbox 11 Jan 2017 elbow, Fun Cam, London Grammar and More!

Artist: elbow, “All Disco”

Album: Little Fictions

Long time favourite of mine out of Manchester

Sounds like:  Emotional psychedelia


Artist: Fun Cam, “Vegan Girlfriend”

Album: Basement Rock

Ex of several Toronto bands and making some great new music

Sounds like: Yes.  Yes, she is!


Artist: London Grammar, “Rooting For You”

Album: N/A

This British trio is a long-time favourite of mine

Sounds like:  Soulful and consistent support


Artist: Elsee, “Electric On My Feet”

Album: N/A

Hamilton, Ontario is home to this amazing talent

Sounds like:  A fantastic vibe!


Artist: The Gods Themselves, “Tech Boys”

Album: Be My Animal

Another great song from this Seattle band.

Sounds like:  Electro-funkadelic!


Artist: Frederick The Younger, “Tell Me”

Album: Human Child

Loving what’s coming out Louisville, Kentucky!

Sounds like:  A great mix of noise and feeling


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