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More Music From The Inbox 11 Jun 2014 Bi:Lingual, Swim Good, Bring Your Ray Gun and More!

Artist: Bi:Lingual, “Doppelganger”

Album: Doppelganger


Out of the UK and mixing rock and hip-hop

Sounds like: Suitably, wonderfully angry!


Artist: Swim Good, “Grand Beach”

Album: N/A

Swim Good

Features S. Carey from Bon Hiver and Daniela Andrade

Sounds like: That summer feeling and everything that goes with it.


Artist: Bring Your Ray Gun, “The Waitress”

Album: N/A

Bring Your Ray Gun

Heavy layered and loving it out of Chicago

Sounds like: Kraftwerk start then Gene Loves Jezebel meets Public Image…or something…


Artist: The Ninth Floor, “You”

Album: Half Human, Half Panda

The Ninth Floor

Finland is checking in and bringing it!

Sounds like: In the house!


Artist: Ten Ton Man, “Fine Line”

Album: Chunk of Change

Ten Ton Man

Another wonderful NYC group that knows how to play it right

Sounds like: Boozy, bluesy, dirty rock


Artist: Social 66, “Sorry”

Album: Social 66

Social 66

Akron, Ohio is home to these hard working men…

Sounds like: Metal style meets alternative sound


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