More Music From The Inbox 11 May 2016 We Are Bandicoot, Daniel Romano, Moddi and More!

Artist: We Are Bandicoot , “The Reason”

Album: N/A

We Are Bandicoot

Brilliance coming out of Kent, England.

Sounds like:  Fuzz is life!


Artist: Daniel Romano, “(Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone”

Album: Mosey

Daniel Romano

Fenwick, Ontario is home for this intriguing artist.

Sounds like:  Orchestrated folk/funk indie, yeah!


Artist: Moddi, “Punk Prayer”

Album: Unsongs


Norwegian artist reinterprets Pussy Riot

Sounds like:  Stripped bare but giving real meaning


Artist: Little Brother Eli, “Hanging”

Album: Cold Tales

Little Brother Eli

A whole lot of fun out of Oxford, England

Sounds like:  Tyin’ a rope, in the garage


Artist: Girli, “Girls Get Angry Too”

Album: N/A


Bringing a great new sound and message.

Sounds like:  Spoken word punk rap!


Artist: Let’s Eat Grandma, “Rapunzel”

Album: I, Gemini

Let's Eat Grandma

Norwich based and blowing my mind a little!

Sounds like:  Borderline stage musical meanderings


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