More Music From The Inbox 11 Oct 2017 My Son The Hurricane, Kanga, SISTERS and More!

Artist: My Son The Hurricane, “Smile”

Album: Is This What You Want?

Incredible 14 piece band out f Toronto/Niagara

Sounds like: endless surprise


Artist: Kanga, “Going Red”

Album: Kanga

Out of L.A. and some truly stellar tracks

Sounds like:  Darkness is watching


Artist: SISTERS, “Scene Here”

Album: Wait Don’t Wait

This duo has it going on

Sounds like:  bringing joy into a dark world


Artist: Forest Swords, “Congregate”

Album: Congregate

This artist is raising money for Mexico and Puerto Rico with this release

Sounds like:  coming together to fight the dark


Artist: Legend, “Frostbite”

Album: Midnight Champion

Out of Iceland with a stellar presence

Sounds like:  biting at the edges


Artist: TAN, “Panorama”

Album: N/A

Talented duo out of Copenhagen

Sounds like:  electronic joy


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