More Music From The Inbox 12 Apr 2017 So-Cal Rocket Dynamics, Laoise, Grow Rich and More!

Artist: So-cal Rocket Dynamics, “Just Like Evil Knievel”

Album: Antisocialite

Absolutely awesome California band

Sounds like:  Punkabilly rocks!


Artist: Laoise, “Halfway”

Album: N/A

Laid back sounds from this Dublin artist

Sounds like:  where we should all meet


Artist: Grow Rich, “The Rise of Manchester United”

Album: Cash To Kyodo

Not often I get to say something about an indie band out of Jakarta, Indonesia!

Sounds like: Great driving music


Artist: The Franklys, “Castaway”

Album: N/A

Awesome sound out of London

Sounds like:  All the garage rockiness you could possibly want


Artist: Vancouver Sleep Clinic, “Lung”

Album: Revival

Out of, you guessed it, Australia!

Sounds like:  Smooth as silk and full of feeling


Artist: GRMLN, “Red”

Album: Discovery

Love the sound of this California outfit

Sounds like:  A little alt-pop joy!


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