More Music From The Inbox 12 Mar 2014 Apollo Junction, Apt, The Open Feel and More!

Artist: Apollo Junction, “If I Fell”
Album: N/A
Apollo Junction - If I Fell

I have written about these guys before. Great band. This song will be available for free download April 1st. They debuted the song on Graham Norton’s show.

Sounds like: What the heart wants…


Artist: Apt, “Changing Lanes (Alternate Route)”
Album: Energy, Light and Darkness

Out of Brighton in the UK, there’s a definite feeling of depth and composition.

Sounds like: Depeche Mode, oh yeah…


Artist: The Open Feel, “Sidewalk Zombies”
Album: N/A
Open Feel - Sidewalk Zombies

I generally avoid posting about the same band as there is so much out there to share. This new song made me want to make an exception.

Sounds like: Haunted, hurt and helpless


Artist: Rob Roar, “What’s Happening”
Album: What’s Happening
Rob Roar

This London DJ has some great beats.

Sounds like: Spinning, dazed and confused


Artist: Crystal Viper, “Julia Is Possessed”
Album: Possession
Crystal Viper

Based in Poland, this band is making a big splash with their new album

Sounds like: The darkness is here


Artist: Rival Boys, “Sober & Single”
Album: Animal Instincts
rival boys

A very interesting Toronto band whose new album is due out later this year

Sounds like: Twisted alt-pop fun!


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