September 20, 2023
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More Music From The Inbox 13 Aug 2014 Jay Woodward, Rebel Pawn, Sarah Burton and More!

Artist: Jay Woodward, “Garden In The Sun”  

Album: Letters We Told

Jay Woodward

Los Angeles is currently home for this indie artist

Sounds like: Decompression



Artist: Rebel Pawn, “Move”

Album: Born In A Basement Somewhere in New Jersey

Rebel Pawn

Out of New Jersey (duh!) and self-described as “a musical flight through satire and carnality”.

Sounds like: Pure retro


Artist: Sarah Burton, “Round Me Up”

Album: Fire Breathers

Sarah Burton

A very talented Toronto pop/country artist

Sounds like: Looking for a real man


Artist: Piper Hayes, “Love Song”

Album: Ain’t Nothin’ Like

Piper Hayes

This Toronto artist brings it all home

Sounds like: Some decade or many


Artist: We Built The Moon, “Start With The Moon”

Album: Resistance

We Built The Moon

A rare band with ties to Providence, Rhode Island!

Sounds like: Wishing, wanting, waiting for it to begin again


Artist: Varego, “Hesperian”

Album: Blindness of the Sun


Post metal band from Genova, Italy

Sounds like: Spellbound and sinking


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