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More Music From The Inbox 14 Feb 2018 Bif Naked, Adan Jodorowsky, Let’s Mars and More!

Artist: Bif Naked, “Heavy ft. Snake and the Chain”

Album: N/A

This resident of the world and recently moved to Canada is much loved

Sounds like:  Some really, really needed rock!!


Artist: Adan Jodorowsky, “Yemanja”  

Album: Esencia Solar

This artist hails from Mexico!

Sounds like:  New Latin feel


Artist: Let’s Mars, “History”

Album: N/A

Hailing from Tel Aviv with a unique sound

Sounds like:  it’s happening now


Artist: Rich Aucoin, “The Middle”

Album: Hold

Out of Halifax and sending us on a journey

Sounds like:  ethereal and driven


Artist: We Have The Moon, “Unreasonable”

Album: Till The Morning Comes

Out of Bologna, Italy

Sounds like:  intriguingly bizarre!


Artist: Greber, “Grave Plot”

Album: Cemetery Preston

This grind sludge duo brings it hard

Sounds like:  you can feel it coming


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