More Music From The Inbox, 15 Feb 2017: Meat Wave, Mom Jeans, Diet Cig and More!

Artist: Meat Wave, “Run You Out”

Album: Run You Out

Chicago is home to this fantastic band

Sounds like:  A bit of the punk


Artist: Mom Jeans, “Danger Can’t”

Album: Best Buds

Gotta love the name!  Out of Berkeley, California

Sounds like:  A bit of a Weezer vibe in there


Artist: Diet Cig, “Tummy Ache”

Album: Swear I’m Good

You have to love the self-proclaimed ‘slop pop’!

Sounds like: I get that, really


Artist: LÍNGER, “Avoid”

Album: N/A

Beautiful sounds out of Australia

Sounds like:  Ethereal and intense


Artist: Days Indoors, “Dust”

Album: Dusty Road

This London outfit has a growing following

Sounds like:  Indie pop magic


Artist: Tom and His Computer, “Eighty Four”

Album: Playing In The Night

Awesome Danish based artist

Sounds like:  New retro electronica


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